Interview: Kim Kahana (Chongo)

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By Mike Rutherford

1. It was odd to hear your voice over the phone because your character "Chongo" never talked. (however, he did make a sound that has since been copied by Steve Tyler of the rock group Arreosmith)
How did you first get involved in working with Hanna Barbera for Danger Island?

Was not aware that Arreosmith copied my bird calls.
I got a call for an audition for the part.. Jumped on the table, did a back flip
and was hired.

2. I was surprised to learn that you were originally going to play "Snorky" the Elephant. Could you tell us about that and why you didn't end up taking that part?

I took the part of Chongo because Danger Island had more stunts and action. I
could not play both parts.

3. Were you able to meet (and hang out with) the Winkless Brothers and Robert Towers? (The Banana Split actors)

The Danger Island cast did not interact with the Banana Split actors.. We were
very busy at our own location.

4. What are your favorite memories of Dander Island?

Favorite memories of Danger Island was just working hard, making a living and
having fun doing it.

5. The Boomerang Network has been showing the Banana Splits and because of this, my two year old Son has picked up on that famous catch-phrase "Uh-oh Chongo."
Did you get that a lot from people or fans while you were doing the series?

"Uh-oh Chongo" has followed me to this day!!! When someone who remembers the
series finds out that I was Chongo that is the first thing out of their mouths!

6. Do you still keep in touch with any of the other cast members?

No I have not seen the cast members for many years. I do keep in contact
though with Richard Donner,

 7. Aside from playing Chongo, you were also the Stunt Coordinator for the show.
What were the most dangerous stunts performed on the show?

One of the most dangerous stunts was a slide for life. 350ft. high and the
length of a football field.

8. Are there any funny behind the scenes stories from your Danger Island days that you'd care to share?

There were many funny things that happened on the show will have to think
about this one.

9. What other TV shows or movies have you appeared in?

Too many to mention... Go to my web site and you can read
my bio.

10. How did you get involved in doing stunt work?

I was an extra and saw that the stuntmen were getting paid much more than me.
So I went to the best at that time Yakima Canntt to learn.

11. Could you tell me about the Kahana Stunt School?

Again all of the info on the school is at the web site.

12. Do you have a message for your Danger Island fans?

Thanks to all of the Danger Island Fans!! How about a Danger Island reunion??



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